The Next Prince of Wales Island wide Mining Symposium will be held in 2021!!!

Prince of Wales Island-Wide Mining Symposium 2019

April 23

This three day event will start off with  fields trips to BOKAN MT, CALDER MINE, and the SUNDANCE/DAWSON MINE,  (Field trips will be an extra $50.00 to attend) If you choose NOT to  attend a field trip there will be A Mining 101 course that will be taught at the Tribal Hall from 9:30am to 3:30 pm! With registration, refreshments, and booths from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

You must contact LaNeice Congdon if you would like to attend a field trip. laneice@kasaan.org or 907-617-8127

Field Trip attendees will be required to sign an accident release  waiver. All field trips will include hiking and walking for at least 2  hours. (Bokan will require a 3 hour hike up a mountain.)

We will be flying by float Plane to Bokan so this trip is subject to  cancellation due to weather at anytime. (Pray for good weather)

April 24-25
8:00am- Start your day off enjoying a little musical entertainment,  coffee, and continental breakfast while waiting for the presentations to  start at 9:00am, ending at 4:00pm.

 The Symposium will consist of presentations by mining representatives,  governing agencies, Environmental professionals, interested groups, and  school groups.

 These sessions include current mining projects, mining issues and environmental concerns that may effect all mining areas.

We include a sit down lunch for the 24th  and 25th – price included in the $100 registration fee– along with  continental breakfast, coffee, water, juice, light snacks and prizes.
Field Trips – Sack lunches will be provided, If you have any special dietary needs please plan on bringing your own lunch.

The Mining Symposium provides a unique  forum for information exchange and issue discussion among stakeholders,  landowners, and the indigenous people of Southeast Alaska. Guided tours  will provide an opportunity to see some mining projects in action.  

We thank all those who have supported this Symposium for the past 9 years and hope to see you all in the future!

Robert Fithian

"Sundance Mine Project"

Tom Bundtzen

President Pacific Rim Geological Consulting, Inc. "Dynamic Geology of the Northern Cordillera (Alaska and Western Canada) and Adjacent Marine Areas: Tectonics, Hazards, and Resources"