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1) Skaawaal “Southeaster” House Frontal Pole, original carved in the mid 1800s, top figure recarved in 1940

2) Bear/Bear Memorial Grave Marker, replica, 1940

3) East (“Daybreak”) House Frontal Pole, undated original, top figure recarved 1940

4) “Flying Groundhog” Pole, undated original with replica 1940 top portion

5) The Spencer Pole, undated original frontal pole with replica 1940 top figure

6) Frog and Eagle Nest Memorial, replica without eagles, 1940

7) Killer Whale Grave Marker, replica, 1940

8) Brown Bear Grave Marker, undated original

9) Naay I’waans Frontal Pole, replica, 1940

10) Naay I’waans (“The Great House”, Chief Son-i-Hat Whale House), 1880

Chief Son-i-Hat (1829-1912), of the Yáadaas clan (Eagle moiety, Beaver and Frog crests), became one of the wealthiest of the Haida chiefs. Son-i-Hat (Kóyongxung) built Náay I’waans (The Great House) around 1880.
Náay I’waans got the nickname “Whale House” from the stories conveyed on its original interior house posts.
The four house posts supporting the roof, or “gáats” (pronounced “gots”), were carved around 1880 specifically
for this building.  The back center house post–The Head House Totem–predates Naay I’waans and we do not
know the date of carving, possibly 1700s or early 1800s.

Between 1938 and 1940, the Civilian Conservation Corps program funded reconstruction of Náay I’waans and
created a nearby totem park, using totem poles from Old Kasaan (Gasa’aan, “pretty town” or “beautiful village”).

The “Chief Son-i-Hat Whale House and Totems Historic District” became listed on the National Register of
Historic Places in 2002.  The building was  renovated the second time from 2011 to 2016.

NOTE: Please enjoy respectfully. Kavilco, Incorporated owns the private property including the trail, totems,
Naay I’waans, and the cemetery. During 1938 to 1940, the park was created with funding from the Civilian Conservation Corp.  Kavilco has given the Organized Village of Kasaan exclusive rights to commercial tours.

Please call (907) 617-9941 to arrange a guided tour.

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