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OVK Sells Rock

Our Tribal Transportation Department provides road maintenance from the Village of Kasaan to Goose Creek. We also provide project development services and rock sales to Prince of Wales Island.

Shot Rock$15.00 cubic yard
3" Minus$20.25 cubic yard
D-1$29.00 cubic yard
D-1 City of Kasaan$27.50 cubic yard
Rip-Rap 2'$23.00 cubic yard
Rip-Rap 3'$25.00 cubic yard
Rip-Rap 4' +$27.50 cubic yard

All prices are at the Rock Pit unless specified. All other deliveries will have to be negotiated with the Transportation Director or his designee. There will be a $7.00 cu/yd fee attached to any specification of rock delivered by Organized Village of Kasaan within the City of Kasaan city limits.

If you have other needs, please contact the Transportation Department at (907) 542-2230.

P.O. Box 26 - Kasaan, Ketchikan, Alaska(907)542-2230 fax: 907-542-3006
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