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Sept. 21, 2009

Bonnie L. Hamar

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Jeannine Mjoseth,
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Organized Village of Kasaan Awarded Prestigious Grant
from the Institute of Museum and Library Services

Kasaan, Alaska - Thanks to a grant from the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), The Organized Village of Kasaan's Cultural Learning Center and Library will implement a project to ensure long-term sustainability of the Kasaan library as a community resource by creating collaborative relationships with other organizations, including government and private entities, libraries, and tribal organizations. These relationships will support the library's evolution into a centrallized repository for books; periodicals; documents; photos; maps; and other historic, current, and cultural information that is important to Kasaan and surrounding areas. Community involvement in the library will be strengthened by creating a "Junior Librarian" program, a Friends of the Libary Group, and an adult volunteer librarian program.

“To make a difference in the lives of their patrons, libraries must continually improve the breadth of their services and the skills of their employees. These awardees have accepted this challenge, and will no doubt continue to be important places for education, interaction, and innovation in their communities.”

- IMLS Director Dr. Anne-Imelda M. Radice

Number of awards: 17
Total amount awarded: $2,219,312

Native American Library Services Enhancement Grants support projects that enhance existing library services or implement new ones. Preference is given to projects that expand services for learning in a variety of formats; provide users with access to information and resources through electronic networks and linkages; develop partnerships with other agencies and community-based organizations; or target services to users of diverse backgrounds and to underserved populations.

The Institute of Museum and Library Services is the primary source of federal support for the nation’s 123,000 libraries and 17,500 museums. The Institute's mission is to create strong libraries and museums that connect people to information and ideas. The Institute works at the national level and in coordination with state and local organizations to sustain heritage, culture, and knowledge; enhance learning and innovation; and support professional development. To learn more about the Institute, please visit www.imls.gov.

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