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Brownfields Program

The Organized Village of Kasaan established its Brownfields Program to identify and clean up possibly contaminated sites in the Kasaan Bay Watershed.  So far, we have identified 35 areas of concern.  The sites consist of abandoned mines and prospects.

OVK Brownfields Project Maps
 What are Brownfields?
 U.S. EPA Brownfields Program
Report a Possible Brownfields Site

The basis of our Environmental program is the concern of our clean water and contaminated lands. We have over 35 mines in our area that pose a risk of contamination in the form of runoff from mine tailing. We also have concerns about petroleum contamination due to old canneries and logging areas. Our focus is on outreach and education for the town and surrounding communities to prevent any further contamination.

Some of the main projects we have been working on are, the
Mining Symposium that has happened every year for the past 8 years.
Educating the kids at the schools about transboundary issues through presentations.
Sharing educational information about petroleum contamination through community gatherings with spill kit distribution to those who participated.

Prince of Wales Island-Wide Mining Symposium IX
Pre Symposium April 23rd, Symposium April 24th & 25th, 2019 – Craig, Alaska

Sponsors and Donators

WMAN mini grants


2019 Mining Symposium

News Articles

For more information, please contact: LaNeice Congdon – OVK Brownfields Coordinator

phone (907) 617-8127 or email at laneice@kasaan.org