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Brownfields Program

The Organized Village of Kasaan established its Brownfields Program to identify and clean up possibly contaminated sites in the Kasaan Bay Watershed.  So far, we have identified 35 areas of concern.  The sites consist of abandoned mines and prospects.

OVK Brownfields Project Maps
What are Brownfields?
U.S. EPA Brownfields Program

Our Brownfields Program currently monitors the cleanup of the Salt Chuck Mine area and the Ross-Adams Mine site. The Salt Chuck Mine, an inactive former gold, silver, copper, and palladium mine operated from 1909 to 1941. Due to contamination of Kasaan Bay Customary and Traditional resources, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed the Salt Chuck Mine site for the Superfund list. Read the 2013 field data report.

A former uranium mine, the Ross-Adams Mine operated from 1955 to 1971.  The Ross-Adams Mine is being cleaned up by the Newmont Mining Company, found to be the last remaining company to have actively mined at the site.

Looking out into Kendrick Bay from Ross Adams Mine

Prince of Wales Island-Wide Mining Symposium VII
May 10th and 11th, 2017, Kasaan, Alaska

This two-day event will be held at the Totem Trail Cafe in Kasaan, Alaska. An annual event, the Mining Symposium consists of sessions with presentations by mining representatives, governing agencies,
interested groups, and residents of Prince of Wales Island. These sessions include current mining
projects and mining issues that may concern the residents of Prince of Wales Island and Southeast Alaska.

The Agenda for this year is in developmen. After the discussion on the first day, we will have a dinner
followed by a presentation about Náay I’waans, Chief Son-i-Hat Whale House. We include the dinner
plus lunch each day along with coffee, water, and light snacks in the registration fee.

The Mining Symposium provides a unique forum for information exchange and issue discussion among
stakeholders, landowners, and the indigenous people of Southeast Alaska. Participants include
Tribes, mining companies, power entities, regulatory entities, government officials, educational institutions,
and many other concerned community members.

2016 Mining Symposium

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For more information, please contact: LaNeice Congdon – OVK Brownfields Coordinator
phone (907) 617-8127 or email at laneice@kasaan.org