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The Sustainable Southeast Partnership

The Sustainable Southeast Partnership (SSP) is a diverse network of organizations working together to meet the challenge of sustainable community development in Southeast Alaska. It is our collective mission to empower rural Alaskan communities to reach cultural, ecological and economic prosperity.

SSP has created the environment where diverse partnership and effective collaboration can thrive. Separately we can not tackle the complex challenges that face our rural communities. Enduring cultural, economic, and ecological prosperity can only be achieved through active partnership.

Kasaan Community Catalyst:

Carrie Sykes, OVK Economic Development Director

Carrie’s name is Ílsgadaay. She is Haida of the Raven Moiety, and was raised in Ketchikan by her Grandmother Vesta Johnson in a traditional lifestyle. She worked for Central Council of Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska as Manager of the Business and Economic Development Department and in their Subsistence and Environmental Programs. Carrie has resources management experience with the Alaska Coastal Management Program. Graduated with Associates in Business Administration, Marketing, Speech, and Computers. She currently works for the Organized Village of Kasaan to promote and develop business and economic development opportunities and to develop plans for a healthy and sustainable Kasaan.