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Tribal Administrator ~ Paula Peterson ~ paula@kasaan.org

The Tribal Administrator is the only employee of the Organized Village of Kasaan Tribal Council.  The Tribal Administrator works at the discretion of the Tribal Council. The Tribal Administrator oversees the Organized Village of Kasaan staff to support the Tribal Council’s functions as a government; such as  all programs, departments, and contracts of the Organized Village of Kasaan.  The Tribal Administrator makes sure that all government record and documents of the tribe are kept and are secure.  Sees to the day-to-day business of the tribe and keeps the Tribal Council informed of all tribal business through regular narrative reports and ensures financial reports are given to the Tribal Council during their monthly Tribal Council meetings.

Tribal Bookkeeper ~ Nannette Scamahorn ~ nannette@kasaan.org

The bookkeeper is in charge of payroll, which is done twice a month. Insures that all incoming bills, statements and invoices are paid as soon as possible. Oversees that all accounts, to insure financial reports match the bank’s records.  Quarterly reporting is done four (4) times a year on grants and taxes.  Filing papers and documents in the proper file. The bookkeeper makes sure the Organized Village of Kasaan follows all state and federal laws and policy and procedures for the tribe’s finances.

To reach Paula or Nannette, please call (907) 542-2230